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Date : 10-10-18 12:50
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Product Name
  Himmvac LaSota Live Vaccine
  Live vaccine
  1,000 Doses
  Freeze-dried vaccine

It contains Newcastle disease live virus LaSota strain.

For the vaccination of health chickens, as an aid in the preventing Newcastle disease(ND).

Dosage and administration
Drinking water method
Give the birds no water for at least two hours prior to vaccination.
Dilute 1,000 doses of vaccine with natural cold water as per the followings.
Under 8 weeks: 1000doses per 20L of drinking water
Over 8 weeks: 1000doses per 40 L of drinking water

Store at 2 to 8℃ and protect from light.

Discontinue use of any disinfectants 24 hours before and after vaccination.
Protect the vaccine from excessive light and heat.
Use natural cold drinking water for diluting the vaccine.
Vaccinate only healthy chickens.
Although disease may not be evident, coccidiosis, chronic respiratory disease, mycoplasma infection, lymphoid leukosis,
infectious bursal disease, Marek's disease, or other disease conditions may cause serious complications or reduce protection. Use entire contents of vial when first opened.
Burn empty bottles and unused vaccine and accessories.
Newcastle virus can cause inflammation of the eyelids in humans, lasting two or three days.
The user should avoid contaminating his hands, eyes and clothing with this vaccine.
Wash hands throughly after preparing and using the vaccine.
Chickens should not be placed on contaminated premises.
Exposure should be avoided immediately after vaccination,
because it takes up to 10 days to develop resistance.
Use by veterinarian's instruction, and veterinary use only.

1,000 doses, 2,000 doses